Ownership change guide

For your convenience, please use the chart below listing common situations that require changes to our land and title records. For your protection, we will not make any changes to your ownership information over the telephone. Owners should ensure that they have the appropriate documentation, as outlined in chart below for each type of change. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL REQUESTS IN WRITING WITH A COVER LETTER STATING YOUR PURPOSE, APPROPRIATE DOCUMENTATION, AND A COMPLETED W-9 TO ADDRESS LISTED BELOW. We strive for excellent and prompt customer service to our mineral/royalty owners.

Situation and/or Action Required Documentation and Forms
Name Change Complete a Change of Name Form and a W-9. Provide copy of marriage certificate, divorce decree reinstating maiden name or other document affecting such change.
Appointment of Guardian or Power of Attorney Copy of Guardianship Letter/Power of Attorney.
Address Change Complete a Change of Address Form and a W-9. For jointly owner property, form must be signed by both owners.
Ownership Change Due to Divorce Include Complete Divorce Decree, along with any conveyances made and filed for record in the county/parish where the property is located.
Ownership Change Due to Death of the Owner Cover letter, include death certificate for owner, Letters of Testamentary, copy of probated will (if applicable) or Affidavit of Heirship filed of record in the county/parish where the property is located. Please also include the current address for new owner/s.
Transfer of Ownership to a Trust Copy of Trust Agreement or Memorandum of Trust along with recorded conveyance in county/parish where the property is located.
Sale of an Interest Copy of Conveyance as filed for record in the county/parish where the property is located.
Request for Tax Payer–W9 Please submit a W-9 for all changes made.
Company or Corporation’s Name Change Certificate of name change.
Company or Corporation Merger Certification of Merger, including W-9 showing new Tax ID number.

Please email all forms and supporting documents to:


Or mail to:
Paloma Resources
Attn: Land Administration
1100 Louisiana Street, Suite 5100
Houston, TX 77002